What a 2020 Holiday Happening it was!

From 11/13/20 to 11/20/20, CAPA was operating in high gear! It was a weeklong virtual auction which used our Facebook and social media platforms to drive, inform, inspire and keep energy high!

  • All dues paying member sororities participated.
  • 50 silent auction items
  • 8 bottles of Hacker’s Apple Pie Liqueur
  • 108 early birders registered,  120 total registrants of which 82 were active bidders.  383 total bids.
  • 32 Facebook posts, featuring 7 previous scholarship winners via videos, original limericks, and highlights of our 12 Scholar Sponsors.
  • After expenses, net auction proceeds & $1,200 Scholar Sponsors gave us a grant total raised of $6,100.  Kuddos to all!