February 2020 Letter from CAPA the President

Let’s talk about sisterhood. We all know about biological sisters, sisters-in-law, and sorority sisters. As we anticipate the month of March which contains International Badge Day and is Women’s History Month, it’s time to expand our definition of sisterhood.

First, of course is Panhellenic Sisterhood. We may wear different badges, but they all symbolize the same commitment to service and
scholarship. We express that sisterhood in the projects we work on
together including our scholarship program, helping local panhellenic, and community service projects that support women and families. Delegates often share news about their chapters’ fundraisers and programming. As Panhellenic sisters we need to support these events, attending when we can or simply helping to publicize them with a simple Facebook like.

There is the sisterhood we find working together with other women to
support causes or organizations that are important to us. Some of these groups are women-only. Just like our college sorority experience they allow us to develop leadership skills without the burden of gender stereotypes. Once you have experienced leadership success in a women’s organization you can carry that confidence in your abilities into the wider world. You can share this sisterhood by mentoring other women in the workplace or volunteer organizations.

Women’s History Month in March 2020 celebrates the women who fought for the right to vote in the U.S. Some of them undoubtably were sorority women, but I see strong sisterhood in their work to advance the lives of all women. Sisterhood can be supporting and speaking out on women’s’ issues or seeking out women-owned businesses. Any women can be your sister once you find something in common with her.

Our Spring Luncheon “Spotlight on Sisterhood” celebrates strong women working together to make the world
better. Bring your friends and family to our Spring Luncheon. Some of them were not able to join college sororities, but we are happy to welcome them as sisters and guests, celebrating the power of female friendship.

Alison Borodkin
CAPA President

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