Celebrate International Badge Day March 6th!

It will be fun to wear our badges on March 6 to mark International Badge Day, but it’s also a work day, so chances are you won’t be able to go out showing your spirit to the public as much as you want. However, you can conveniently celebrate all day long by joining the online festivities.


Read on!

  • Join International Badge Day on Facebook if you are a member. RSVP and add the event to your profile and College Panhellenic or Alumnae Panhellenic Facebook page, and ask your member associations or chapters to post on their pages as well
  • Post the International Badge Day logo (download from above or NPC website) on your Panhellenic website, and ask your member associations or chapters to post on their pages.
  • Change your profile picture on March 6 to a photo of your sorority’s badge.
  • Change your status on Facebook on March 6 to read, “#Iwearabadge today to celebrate sorority with members worldwide.”
  • Post a photo of your badge day celebration event on the International Badge Day Facebook event page.
  • Share your photos, celebrations and thoughts about International Badge Day on Twitter and Instagram by marking your posts with #badgeday17. • Share your sorority story using #Iwearabadge on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Feature stories of sorority women who have made history in your community or from your campus using #Iwearabadge.